Thursday, February 25, 2016

Detroit's City Sculpture Park

Categorize this as "Unexpected places geocaching takes you".

I can't tell you the GC code to this cache as it's a part of a relatively new puzzle, but TaGeez and I were thrilled to stumble across the City Sculpture Park in Detroit's New Center.

Detroit has been rated as one of the top ten influential cities for urban art. It's around so many unexpected corners!

Have you visited my blog post This is Our Detroit: An Urban Art Adventure? It's one of my favorite geocaching blog posts, and I included GC's. 

I'm looking forward to Spring when everything is in bloom. Wildflowers springing up through the cracks and fresh paint adorning the factory walls. 

Just another month until the Belle Isle event where hundreds of cachers head to downtown Detroit for caching on the Isle amongst those great buildings and along the waterways. 

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