Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Spring Maintenance Comes Early!

My last post shared my favorite maintenance log ever on a cache. Well, the joys of spring maintenance has started early for us, too.

TaGeez and I have one cache where the outer ammo can is intact but someone took all the inner containers.  Hello in there! Echo.. echo... echo...

Thank you, DougPeterson, for adding a log

Then we received notice that one of our large containers was taken but all the inner containers were left behind and fully intact. Apparently someone needed a camo'd kitty litter container more than we did.

During an event we received two texts within a half hour of each other. One thank you for the first-to-find prize and another saying the cache is missing.  We found the replacement cache literally sitting atop the original container - twins of each other. And none of the following finders that day noticed it?

Let's not forget the Multi we archived because Mama Goose was on a rampage. 
Little Boy Blue, come, blow your horn!
The cache is in the carport where the goose honks her scorn.
Where's the hider who tucked it away so deep?
Under the apple tree, fast asleep!

Then off to the cache check because a new cacher posted a Needs Archive log on a cache with no DNF's because he was unfamiliar with magnetized PBNs in a sign. 

What a weird set of circumstances placing us on the path of repairs earlier than expected. 

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On a serious note, between us, TaGeez and I have almost 300 caches. We uploaded our hides into GSAK and print out a nice spreadsheet to check off the caches as we check them - some sooner than others. I have mine saved in Dropbox so I can check them off my phone.

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  1. 300 caches!!!! Good god. How do you keep them all maintained and manage to look for others. I'm impressed.


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