Monday, October 10, 2016

Can't Forget the Little Adventures: Hell'uva Good Time!

Sitting here backing up my photos for 2016. So far, YTD, I have 9,311 more to upload!

Lately I've been posting about our big adventures, but you can't forget the little ones!

Hell'uva Good Time!

Enjoyed a quick jaunt to Hell, Michigan last week with ShelleyJean. Both of us had that roadtrip itch, and we know it won't be long to until the first Michigan freeze. Believe it or not, Hell was a lovely place. Particularly enjoyed the curvy roads and the leaves changing colors!

Well, I've always been warned...

Funny story about this one... the first trackable I released disappeared on its maiden voyage shortly after having it's ducky picture taken at this sign. Four years later it's replacement had its picture in this sign before it was sent on its way. Bon voyage!

They have their own wedding chapel and Love Lock bridge. Lovely, eh? 

Wedding chapel in the background.

Can you spot the cache?

Cemetery Arch may need a little trimming!

I have to share my favorite picture of the day - ShelleyJean's spiderweb on the Love Lock bridge!

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