Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Can't Forget the Little Adventures: Vitamin Z

Detroit Zoo Family Fall Get Together GC6TA8X

Oh, that was fun! Trustworthy hosted a fun event at the Detroit Zoo on Sunday. Friends from the thumb came down for a flashmob and then the Free Range Lobster caches. Kriket, Snakey, TaGeez, and I (of Free Range Lobsters fame) felt it incumbent to attend.

I'm glad we did because the weather was stunning!

(Group photo pilfered from the event page)
Of course, one of the bonuses is that the Detroit Zoo was decorated for Zoo Boo. We had fun stopping at each vignette.

A Kriket amongst the Penguines

This guy cracked me up. Apparently, he was tired of his diet INSIDE the enclosure so he was eating the surrounding landscape!

How lazy is this? Can you spy both napping red pandas?

Unfortunately, we had other commitments so we had to head out early. This beauty looks greatly disappointed.

Thank you to the Somershoes for spending some Vitamin Z time with us in the Penguinarium.

We hang with weird people.

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