Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Can't Forget the Little Adventures: Spinny on a Stick

Partially Metamorphisied Gneiss GC23MYF

Happy International Earth Cache Day!

This is not exactly what TaGeez and I had planned, but we enjoyed rocking the cache with WikidKriket in Northville. (Wow.... so many rocks and vernal ponds in Southeastern Michgan. What I would've given for a nice Artesian well!)

Did you know it spins? Easy to discover when you lean on it and, well... it moved.

Ok, question one. How tall is it?

And how wide? Again, I hang with weird people. 

So, in an effort to regain some normalcy.... er.... Ok. I'm faking it. We headed to Northville for dinner and skeletons.

What a hoot! These are peppered around downtown and within the residential areas too. 

It was a good day, and we earned a new souvenir, too!

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