Sunday, October 2, 2016

iOS 10 Killed GeoSphere - Cachly Here I Come

Well, it looks like it finally happened. The most recent iOS update killed the GeoSphere app for me.

I love this app. It's been instrumental in my completing almost 5 years of cache-a-days. I can navigate any screen or feature without even looking at the app. But once you create a log, you can't upload it to So far from testing it for the last few days it seems to do everything else just fine, but no logging? And it seems from the GeoSphere Forums that I'm not the only one having this problem.

So, what's left? They are no longer selling/developing the "Classic" Geocaching app - still, in my opinion, a hundred times betters than the "official" Geocaching app piece of crap. I've tried the Looking4Cache - not a huge fan. So that leaves Cachly which I downloaded about an hour ago.

So far, on the plus side, Cachly has better maps than the "official" Geocaching app. I can see where I can live query, import bookmarks, and import lists. My puzzles are showing corrected coordinates, and I do like seeing my DNF's. As of yet, I don't see:

  • The ability to highlight caches. If I'm in a cache-rich area on a trip I could highlight certain must-do caches.
  • When you find a cache in GeoSphere from an offline list, it disappears off the list and off the map. When the list or map was blank, caching was done.
  • The ability to create your own group within the app. Looks like it's done via bookmark or pocket query. Not cool as sometimes I separate out my PQs into "All" and "Must Dos". Hate the idea of having to create a BM for each grouping.
  • The ability to create a cache listing within Cachly. When we are at events, sometimes they will hand around a slip of paper with coords on it for that night's event cache. 
  • Can I import a GPX emailed to me at an event? 
  • As of yet, I don't see the ability to populate a log via a saved template, though I need to check-out Options again.
One criticism I have is the Logs screen. It displays the GC code but not the cache name. As I was logging tonight I wanted to go back to see if I missed any, but I had to open them one at a time to see the cache names.

I need to get proficient on this. Heading to North Carolina soon.

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