Wednesday, February 25, 2015

GSAK Update and Tricks

Pretty cool.

I just updated my GSAK to version  I was a little nervous at first because, after launching, the home screen froze and never opened.  However, a quick reboot fixed the problem.  All my caches, databases, and settings were in place.

Typical nerd – I read the release notes.  Unlike a typical nerd – I only understood half of it. I did find it interesting that it offered (limited) LAB cache support.  With that in mind, I decided to sit down and manually enter my LAB caches in my FOUND database.  Yellowjeeperman said the LAB icon has been available for awhile now, but I felt motivated.

I learned two really neat tricks when manually entering a cache (Menu Waypoint > Add):

After entering your first one, click the Waypoint > Add button again.  There is an option to Clone/Copy the waypoint you have highlighted in your grid.  After clicking that option, tweak your new entry and click OK.  I was able to enter the MWGB LAB caches quickly.

Also, there’s a field called Owner ID to fill in.  Each person who creates an account on is assigned an ID number.  In GSAK, it’s used when running macros so it’s very important to make sure you populate this accurately.  You can get this information two ways (that I know of). 

  • In GSAK, find another geocache hidden by that same Geocacher.  Right-click on the record and select Edit.  You will see the Owner ID populated midway down the screen.

  • If there isn’t another geocache in your database hidden by that same user, go to  Find their Public Profile and click on See the Forum Posts for This User link.   You will navigate to the Forum. Now, look at the URL at the top of your browser.  The last digits in the URL address is the cacher’s User ID.

Pretty nifty, right?


NOTE: I'm not affiliated with GSAK - just a very enthusiastic user.

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