Thursday, February 5, 2015

Let you in on a little joke...

Ben and Amanda (aka TheGrundalows) are fabulous cachers. 

They've gone on weeklong hikes in the Rocky Mountains and camped in the Appalachians. They adore Earth Caches and high terrains and kayak caches. Amanda races Ben for tree climbs. And  I haven't checked in awhile, but last I heard they were trying to complete their D/T grid for the third time! Majorly impressive!

But there's one thing that's stopped them in their tracks: The 12 Months of First to Finds. Every year February bites them in the butt. Because we live in Michigan. And it's Winter. The shortest, coldest, most brutal month.

They almost succeeded last year, but that's a different tale.

So, for the last year I've promised to hide a cache near their house for February. Thanks to MPMcGill, we even found a good spot!

The cache is part of my You Might Be A Geocacher If.... series which uses Geocaching memes that relate to the hide. The tag line is, "A fun series to start you off with a chuckle that will hopefully lead you to a smiley."  

Well, here's today's meme. The cache was published an hour ago.... and a new streak begins!

Congrats Ben and Amanda on your FTF!


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