Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Tools for Calculating Coordinates

Seen on the How To Puzzle Cache (FB Page)

This was something I found interesting.  We know that when you use Google Earth to drop a pin (to check a cache or object location), you have to go through a series of clicks to move the pin to tweak it's location. HTPC suggested using the Flash Earth site. You can enter coordinates or search for a location, and then move the map under the pin.  As the map moves, the coordinates correct on the left.  Click the coordinates to toggle between coordinate formats. Pretty cool, eh?

Sorry if you can't see the crosshair on the Belle Isle Bridge clearly.
This screenshot was taken on a large, wide monitor.
I could get it to work on my desktop but not my iPhone 5 (because it is flash-driven).  I do, however, have a sweet app on my iPhone called Mapped by Datalung.

As long as I let my phone settle, it normally takes pretty accurate reads on my iPhone, which I can save and/or email.  I use this app alongside my Garmin Oregon 450T to fine tune my cache hides.

Geocaching: This is what happens when nerds go into the woods!

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