Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Out of this World Puzzles!

I was a military wife for almost 12 years, and they were fabulous years.  The separation when he was deployed was painful, but I filled my time exploring wherever we were.  With 10 moves in 10 years, I had a lot to explore.  (Darn shame that geocaching wasn’t around then!) I think that’s why I love geocaching so much…. It sounds like a cliché, but it really does take you places you’ve never been before.

I think it’s my years wandering around the States that feed my love for the Where in the World? puzzle series.  Have I mentioned I love puzzles? 

This series, the brainchild of mmc881, posts pictures from around the world.  To add a degree of difficulty, he slightly distorts the picture so you can’t use Google Goggle or Tineye.com.  He makes you think – in some instances, I never did find the original picture online but had to imagine the structure from another angle (like the one below.  I lived near here for almost 3 years, but tourists don’t normally see this structure from this angle.  I’m embarrassed how long it took me to crack this one).

Where in the World? (pt.XXXI) GC5MWC3
You have to locate the actual site, find it’s Wikipedia coordinates, and search for nearby caches.  Somewhere, on one of these caches, you will find the final coordinates to your puzzle.  Note: I’m not giving anything away.  This is all in his write-up.

So far I’ve solved 31 of them with 18 already found.  TaGeez and I will take another Where in the World? adventure this spring to grab the latest ones.  Last year’s was a hoot!  An all-day adventure that took us from Ferndale > Ortonville (and the pet cemetery) > Holly > Fenton >Milford > Ferndale. 

Did you see what crazy thing we found in one of the cemetery caches?

We came across several historic cemeteries, several Art/Founders festivals, and an amazing dinner at Lucky’s Steakhouse.

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  1. I truly loved reading your post about New England! Isn't it a coincidence that I met my husband right after he had finished Recruiting Duty in Maine. Prior to that, he was on I & I Duty in Boston, so we are very familiar with the sights mentioned in your post. I've read that you "were" a military wife, which leads me to deduce that your marriage ended in divorce, putting an end to those once fabulous years; I was a Marine wife for several years before my husband retired, so I fully understand how challenging the moves can be; I had to PCS to California with him while pregnant with our oldest son! Lol And, yes, deployments are incredibly difficult, especially when you have a young family. We "military wives" need to stick together, don't we? Anyway, your blog is very colorful and highly entertaining, and it's a pleasure to read of your adventures!


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