Friday, April 24, 2015

CITO Fever in Michigan

Oh, my.  Southeastern Michigan Geocachers sure do like their events.  We have 6 CITO's scheduled in the very immediate area (plus a few more if you are willing to drive).  But kudos to those that came out last weekend to lend a helping hand with only a promise of a smiley and no souvenir.

CITO at Dorais Park GC5NGQ8

Dorais Park is home to one of the Dorais Park Velodrome.  "Built near an urban hill known for soap box derbies, the Dorais Park Velodrome was home to decades of bicycling champions before it was lost to neglect.  Then, in 2010, a group of renegade mowers found it again."

Our mission this past Saturday was to clean up this forgotten park so the Detroit Mower Gang could come in and cut the long grass after the Winter.  The Detroit Mower Gang is a group of crazy yet wonderful volunteers on lawnmowers who visit park to park in the boundaries of Detroit so the communities have a place to gather and play.

Biggest hauls of the day was an abandoned Skidoo, a large mattress, and enough parts to almost make a car.

Spring Pool Party 2015 GC5M8F9

Several hours and 34 miles away is the Park and Ride in Milford.  I believe the South Lyon Trekkers were the first people to ever contact M-DOT to adopt a P&R.  Several times a year cachers congregate in the lot for a cleanup and then head towards downtown Milford for Dairy Queen.

Largest hauls were the multitude of dumped tractor trailer tires and many abandoned truck parts.

I can't wait to see what this weekend brings!  Remember to attend a CITO from April 24th - April 27th to earn the latest souvenir.  I'll post some pictures from Belle Isle!

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