Thursday, April 30, 2015

R U Firesafe?

Imagine my joy when I received a message from my Australian buddy, Firesafe, that he was thinking of stopping by Detroit during his whirlwind visit to the States in April! Sure! Come on!  I have so much to show you!  DarrylW4 and I met Firesafe last year when we visited Chicago for the sendoff of the Chicago Geocaching podcast. We had said, "If you are ever in the neighborhood..."

Saturday started with the annual Spring CITO on Belle Isle.  Sure, Firesafe had only been in town less than an hour, but nothing says WELCOME TO MICHIGAN! like cleaning it up!  First stop - CITO souvenir earned!

Belle Isle CITO crew

Mosaics along the Detroit River
Afterwards, we headed downtown to grab some caches and then some grub at Green Dot Stables.  Too bad the weather was so overcast.

The Gateway to Freedom Virtual GCJH56

Heading back up Woodward, the sun finally came out, and we detoured to Woodlawn Cemetery for my wherigo.  Imagine our surprise running into BSW2010, Alona Spiegel, TeamGates and ProBob with the same idea!

SQ- Wandering Historic Woodlawn GC5C08W
BSW2010, TeamGates, Alona Spiegel, Firesafe, DarrylW4
BSW shouldn't have been caching.  He had his own CITO event that he was late for in Warren.  After another park cleanup (especially all that pesky geo-litter found every 528 ft apart) 15 or so of us piled into cars for the new Midnight Rider's cache.  How many cachers does it take to crack a monkey puzzle?  Oh, 15 or so.

Puzzler26's A-Maze-ing Nightmare GC5HJCC
Sunday found TaGeez joining our ranks.  As well as Firesafe's event, we were targeting Puzzler26 caches. Time to show off the local talent.  

But first... a stop in a cemetery.  And another. And another.  I'm sure Firesafe's wife was getting worried because EVERY photo had some type of headstone in it.  No fear! He made it home safe!

SQ- Clover Hill Park Cemetery Earthcache GC3KE10 with TaGeez

The Hobby We Enjoy (Presidential #20) GC40T2Q
Firesafe, TaGeez and DarrylW4
 One thing I have to give Firesafe kudos over was his willingness to try to local cuisine. After topping off a coney dog at National, he moved onto the local favorite, a Hani.

Experiencing the joy of the local cuisine
National Coney Island - Main Street

After a few more Presidential caches, off to the event we go!  It was an evening of good food, good fun, and Vegemite!

R U Firesafe? GC5PH3B

Obligatory picture with Caching Fire

Yep, a typical evening for this crowd!

Just a portion of those that showed!
 Apparently, we didn't scare him off.  I met Firesafe Monday morning for another geocache tour of Detroit.  There were so many things Darryl missed!

{GHQ} Heidelberg Redux GC2GA9Y

Firefighter Memorial at Elmwood Cemetery

Masonic Limestone of Detroit Earthcache GC3KM1D

Share Your Candy GC4T88Q
It was nice spending time with you, Firesafe. I hope you have some fond memories of the people you met and places we explored!

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