Friday, April 24, 2015

La Vida Geocaching!

Hey, I have to share.  Did you see the really cool FTF prize I won this week?

Bright and early Sunday morning TaGeez and I received a new cache notification.  The cache was 7/10ths of a mile from home (and truly just up the road).  We headed over for a bright and shiny smiley to start our day. Imagine our surprise when we arrived home to receive an email from the CO which basically said, "Did you miss the FTF prize?"

YES! Yes, we had!  The cache was a skirtlifter called Live the Life GC5RPM1, outside LaVida Massage in Ferndale. When we lifted the lightpost lid, the container had rolled out and away.  We never lifted the lid all the way - even returning the container we just lifted it enough to tuck it back into place because the container was too large for the hide spot.

Before heading out for the CITO weekend, I made the trek back to the site for our prize.  It was kinda weird and kinda funny to walk up to the lamp post and see someone snapping pictures of me from a nearby storefront.  Mrs. GeoTrekTrio works at LaVida and her boss had supplied the FTF prize!  I must've been a sight in my ragged hoody, geoaching pants, and muck boots (remember, I was heading out to clean some parks).  

Thank you to the GeoTrekTrio and LaVida Massage for a great way to start my weekend!  Boy, after cleaning those two parks, I REALLY needed a massage!

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