Monday, April 13, 2015

The FTF that wasn't (sort of)

I guess my log says it all:

Sunday dawned and TaGeez & I decided to head to Normandy Park for our monthly Wherigo.  As I had to reset my phone recently, the cartridge was gone so I had to re-dowload it.  Lo and behold!  I spotted an unfamiliar Wherigo on the site called CL World Trail GC5R2VT. Sweet!  And the cache was unpublished!  Woot!

As we were heading that way, TaGeez and I decided to stop by and see if we could find the cache.  It was 64˚ and beautiful out! Lovely day for a walk.  It didn't take long to make it through the stages (and even grabbing the new cache Merica GC5JD60 in the same park!).  At exactly 12 pm, we had the cache in hand and messaged the CO with the attached picture.

Per the CO's request, we left the FTF slot blank so the first person after publication could claim the bragging rights.  We told the CO, however, that we added a ❤️ to the paper log as our signature so we wouldn't have drive all the way back here just to find it and sign it again. 

I'm geeked that I spotted the cartridge and made the find, but bummed I'm out the FTF run (car is in the shop undergoing $300 in unwarranted repairs). It's been a sucky month.

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