Thursday, April 9, 2015

Village of Manchester

Ah, to be on the road again.

Just a short journey.  I've been watching a certain local Virtual that is in danger of being archived.  The object in the write-up, although easy to spot onsite, has been moved around 300 ft from it's original location. I think the reviewer has been more than generous in his warnings that the cache page needs to be updated, but, as of yet, the owner (although still active) has not updated the coordinates.

Kinda hard to miss it, right?
As a result, many of the Southeastern Geocachers have been making excursions to the Village of Manchester, southwest of Ann Arbor, to claim it before it disappears.

Although not a long journey, I was really looking forward to getting out with TaGeez.  The winter had been long and Friday morning's tax appointment was dragging.  At 2 o'clock, I pulled up to his work, pushed him into the car, and took off.  It is a sign of trust that in the 8.5 hours I had "kidnapped" him, TaGeez never asked once where we were going.

We started off by finding a JASMER filler.  TaGeez has now completed his grid from January 2001 to present!

Stush's Smallmouth Spot GCMJ1G
Posted January 2005
And then off to find a puzzle final in a nature center.  The grounds crew told us to follow the trail back "that way" until we reach the bridge.  We were expecting something a little more imposing.

Washtenaw Community College
And then after a nerve wracking detour, we finally made it to the Village of Manchester for some Virtuals, a water tower puzzle and many cemetery caches.

Camo GC92F3 - Virtual Cache
 Lovely stop at Oak Grove Cemetery in the Village of Manchester
Anybody home?  Just checking

In Memory of our Soldiers GC92FC - Virtual Cache

TaGeez working on a Cemetery Sleuth puzzle.
The final was a few feet above where we parked the car!

We headed North and made a stop at Salem Church

Sneaky one, right?
scrapcat for the find!

AA5150 Benchmark - across the road from the church
#PSNoBoundaries - benchmark with our NCEES TB's

AA5150 - last found 5 years ago!
 After an overcast, muddy day, we started towards Ann Arbor but the cemeteries kept jumping out at us.

A Very Old Resting Place GC1ZT1B

SQ Lodi Cemetery GC49DJN
 Ah!  Just what we needed! BBQ burgers and root beer in Ann Arbor.

And, just out the back door, another final virtual.  Last found 4 years ago!

NE0696 - on the county courthouse
After a short stop at Cherry Republic and another cache, time to head home!  It was a nice excursion with Virtuals, geocaches, benchmarks and waymarks.  A well rounded day!

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