Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The FTF that was after all!

Ooh! I have a follow-up to The FTF that wasn't!
So I wrote that log draft on Monday at the time the cache was actually published.  I knew there was no chance for an FTF run as my car was in the shop, and I was 19 miles away. I did put it on my watchlist to see who would be FTF-after-publication.
Life happened.  I finished work, drove to the shop & argued with the mechanic, went to a relaxing dinner with Dad, and then returned to pick up my car.  Checking my email there were no FTF logs. Nada.  Could it really be up for grabs? It was still 6 miles away, in rush hour traffic.
Ok. Fair game.  I need a cache-a-day and, four hours after publication, this was still sitting out there.
Arriving at the park I looked around to see if anyone was running the Wherigo cartridge.  If so, I'd wait, and we'd share the find.  The park was empty.  I grabbed the cache and checked the log – still blank.  I even waited an extra 15 minutes – still no one arrived.  
Nobody could claim I wasn't fair.  Four hours after publication and thirty hoursafter we originally found it, I signed the blank log, adding TaGeez's name as he was on the original adventure.
According to, this was my 275th first-to-find and FTF's comprise ofalmost 5% of my finds. Sometimes it is about the numbers AND the adventure!

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