Monday, January 5, 2015

GeoGearHeads 155: Lucky, Lucky Girl!

As Winter storms in, there’s nothing more enjoyable than spending our evenings listening to geocaching podcasts and solving puzzle caches!  In December, the GeoGearHeads hosted their monthly Randomize show.  And, of course, Randomize XXX had to be co-hosted by Walt & Scott of the Chicago Geocaching Podcast!

It was like visiting with old friends again.

Lucky me, I entered and was one of the winners of the live drawing!  Woot!  A 2014 Compass Rose Geocoin! 

I had to laugh at Walt’s reaction when Darryl announced my name:

“Scrapcat?!? The amount of coins scrapcat has she can build a house now”

With Darryl replying,

“And path tags…… she can use them for the roof.”

Hmmm…. I guess they’ve seen all my posts – LOL.

Thank you, DarrylW4, for delivering this gorgeous coin to the HNY-15 event!

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