Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Plus the Advance Search Email from Groundspeak!

Ooh! I also received the Premium Member's email to beta-test the new Advance Search feature.

First of all, thanks for being a Geocaching Premium member. Without you, we wouldn't be here. In 2015, one of the ways we're showing our thanks is by giving Premium members exclusive sneak peeks at new tools, features and upgrades.

Right now, you can help fuel the future of geocaching. Get a first-look at the new and improved Advanced Search, a tool that's been requested by the geocaching community. It's been completely retooled, revamped and streamlined based on geocaching community feedback. Here are a few of the features we've been working on:

•   Search by Geocache Name - Look for any geocache with a certain keyword in its name, anywhere in the name, not just at the beginning.  
•  Search by Minimum Favorite Points - Only like finding the best of the best? This will make it easier.  
•  Filters - Narrow your search with ease using filters like geocache type, D/T and more.
Keep in mind this page isn't 100% complete yet, so some things may change before the official release. We'll send you another email in about a week to get your insights and opinions. We're excited to hear your feedback.

I LOVE the idea of using the Advance Search instead of the pocket queries to gather a refined list. This one below involved finding enabled caches that myself nor TaGeez has found yet.

I'm excited because it generated a list of 911 results (with no paging required - all results appeared below).  I'm able to map my results, but I don't see a method of creating a GPX export or bookmark list from the results, though.  

For those who aren't aware of this pending update, GeoGearheads released a good show on it this week (episode 160.5).  What's cool is that Eric from Groundspeak did a demonstration (around minute 26:00) on locating favorited challenge caches and he searched Detroit, Michigan!  Some of my challenge caches showed on the list! Woot!

I can't wait to give this Advance Search a whirl this weekend.

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