Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Last Word....Detroit's ODS Drive

I was flipping through the Sept/Oct issue of FTF Magazine when I came across an article on Detroit's Outer Drive Series (on the last page under the column The Last Word).

Outer Drive was a grand boulevard that encircled the outskirts of Detroit. Once the site of the Golden Era residences in their heyday, many of these grand homes have deteriorated or left abandoned as the area has fallen on hard times.

At this time, cachers RayQix and n8dxg have hidden over 200 caches along this 40-mile stretch. You can see their interesting write-up here:

So, I was excited to see an article about the ODS in a National magazine. Unfortunately, the contributor was a little more focused on the negative aspects of the area. Let's face it... If you make an illegal left turn and pick-up someone pretending to be a hitchhiker, a visit from a LEO shouldn't be too surprising.

Now don't get me wrong... I don't wear rose-colored glasses - there are some sketchy areas and burned-out buildings. But I am proud with the preservation and restoration of many of these beautiful homes, the community gardens, and the smiling neighbors. This area really has the Detroit Can-Do area.

TaGeez and I have completed over half of the series and have been greeted with a smile and wave from people out cutting their grass or sweeping the walks. If you take your mind off your numbers run, you can almost imagine the horse-drawn carriages and buggies that once inhabited this wide boulevard.

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