Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Treasure Map! See Where the Treasure is Hidden!

I don’t want to sound all mystic-spiritual-touchy-feely, but I do believe in Karma.  How else would you explain the wonderful surprise in my Inbox!

Do you remember my pirate map?  It celebrated my 5,000th find and 1,000th day of cache-a-day streaking.

I shared it wil all and asunder because the map is so cool!  And now I have another one!

Apparently, I helped boost the Geocaching Milestones and Extrememes FB page to over 600 “Likes” and Wayne created a “Milestones and Extremes First 75 Hides” map as a thank you!  It just arrived in my Inbox out of the blue.

WOW!  To see the bigger picture!  I didn’t realize how far I’ve spread my caches out.  And the wonderful favorite points and number of visits! I'll confess - I love the numbers, too.

It’s an absolute hoot looking at each of these smaller maps within a map.

Wayne even added a special cartouche to the map.  Do you see the ammo can?

LOVE IT!  Maybe on my next milestone “Hide” map there will be a few in Canada or further north, too.

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