Thursday, January 8, 2015

Oh Beep! It's Geo-Resolution Time Again!

I had quite the chuckle on my drive in this morning.  Dr. D, of The Oh Beep! Geocaching Podcast (UK), tried to do a female American accent! Better yet…. MINE! (There’s a reason I’m a blogger and not a podcaster).

Mark (aka Banana Source aka Dr. D’s Dad) asked Facebook followers to post how they did with their 2014 Geo-goals.  Here were mine:

On this week’s episode, Welcome to 2015 (the one where we talk about geocaching goals), they read them off.  Now, normally Dr. D’s offensiving of Americans and our accents can get…. well… let’s just say a little tiresome… But I thought this was a hoot!  Listening on my way into work, I swerved & gasped when I realized he was “speaking me”.

Check it out!  That part is around minute 32:50 in the show. 

A big THANK YOU to Mark for pronouncing my name correctly – that was almost as big of a shock as hearing my resolutions on air.

I did have a laugh at Dr. D’s expense though.  Mark was playing sound clips from past shows talking about their 2014 goals.  Boy, can you hear the change in Dr. D’s voice! Priceless. 

Since we're on the topic of geo-resolutions...


Scrapcat’s 2015 Geo-Resolutions

1. Pass the 3-year mark of my cache-a-day streak (I only have 53 days to go).

2. Claim at least 6 more Earth Caches, bringing my total to 30.

3. Qualify for the Historic Caches of Michigan Counties MetaChallenge GC30JWA.  TaGeez and I have completed 7 of the 10 challenges required to qualify.

4. I only have 4 squares left on my JASMER.  As we’re unsure of TaGeez’s work status, I will target only two (but hope for all 4) for 2015.

Wish me luck!

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