Saturday, January 24, 2015

GeoTalk - A Loss

I just heard the heartbreaking news that Darren Osborne (Spindoc Bob) lost his battle to cancer.

Darren was the long-time host of Australia's GeoTalk podcast. He told the most wonderful tales about caching in the Outback, and the roving reports just fed my urge to explore.

It deeply saddens me as as I remember many of his last episodes talked of completing a major Australia historic cache challenge - heartbreaking knowing it won't happen. I'm so sad for his family.

He had a fabulous accent and kindest voice. I still have his congratulatory email when I won a geocoin on his final show.

His nephew, Ryan Osborne, has started a fund for cancer research and honoring Darren here.

You can still access his podcasts on iTunes or at the show's website. This is a great loss.

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