Sunday, January 4, 2015

Starting the New Year with a Bang!

You Might Be A Geocacher If.... You ring in the new year kissing your Sweetie in 19° weather while standing next to a power pole. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

NYE-14 Cache GC5JD5F
Thursday was a fabulous day!  TaGeez and I rang in the New Year with a first-to-find at 12:01AM!  How romantic! LOL!  Ringing in the new year in Warren's industrial area, kissing and signing to the fireworks!

Ten hours later found us at the HNY-15 6th Annual New Year's Day M&G GC5ET23.  

Several of the area's local cachers hid a total of 405 caches around the Roseville area!  This included 7 cache types including Wherigos, Earth Caches, and Multis.  TaGeez and I hid 12 of them along the I-696 roadway.

Team Ratspazum - they cleaned up in the raffle

Members of Team Free Range Lobsters:
SnakeyLicks, WikidKriket, and TaGeez
The event included the pre-loading of the event caches, a pancake breakfast, event path tags and a HUGE raffle table.  I was one of the early winners and grabbed this gorgeous coin!

Thank you Team ECCS21!
Very excited that JLIEB won the kayak!
If anyone deserved it.... 
405 event caches
In the end, we found 28 event caches with 12 of them as FTF's.  That grouping of 189 are very conveniently in my caching zone!

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