Saturday, January 17, 2015

Unlock File for iPhone Wherigo Player

AAARRGH!  If I had only paid attention!

There's a fun set of challenges nearby called the "Year-Round Challenge...." by mmc81. (I'm sure by now you realize I'm a challenge-junky, right?)  I was thrilled to grab the Traditionals, Unknown and the Multi challenges, but the others....?  Well, a year's worth of Earth Caches?  Not that many around here as well as Wherigos.... (sigh)

Yesterday a new Wherigo published - there's been an influx of them in the area due to the sudden popularity of Ranger Fox's Wherigo//kit (LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT).  TaGeez and I decided to go for the grab, and I took a look at my stats - AARGH!  If I had grabbed a Wherigo in December (there is a D/T 1/1 Wherigo just a few miles from here), I would almost qualify for mmc's Year-Round Challenge - Wherigo cache!

(sigh) Now I have to start over again. Ok, let's be honest. It's not that much of a hardship.. forcing myself to enjoy a Wherigo monthly!

On the plus side, I learned a really nifty trick using the Wherigo player on my iPhone.  In the past, when you complete a Wherigo cartridge using the iPhone, you get a super long confirmation code that didn't fit anywhere.  If you go on the Wherigo site, it doesn't accept the number to "unlock the cartridge".
Unlocking a cartridge marks it as successfully completed. It's a badge of honor to share your completed cartridges with the rest of the Wherigo Community. There are alternate ways to unlock your cartridge - from uploading your save file to using an unlock code from your cartridge or your friends.  [Source:]
Last night, while fiddling with the iPhone app, I clicked the arrow next to the cartridge name (when I had actually intended to delete the cartridge because I was done with it).

It opened this screen where I could Upload unlock file or Report a problem - cool!  So I clicked Upload unlock file.

This part confused me at first.  It took me to the home page within the app (even though the cartridge name was clearly labelled on top above the browser bar).  So, I decided to search for the Riddle Monkeys Treasure cartridge (make sure you are logged in before searching).

Ok, I found the cartridge listing so I clicked the link to open it.

Now, here you see the buttons on the far left.  When I initially opened this screen, the green button read Unlock (it now reads Completed because I took this screenshot later).  Click the green Unlock button..

Under Option 1: Upload your Save Game (preferred), I clicked the Upload your save game link.

It was very quick and the "success" message appeared on my screen.  I was able to go right in and enter a review for the cartridge.  Fabulous!  One less hassle using the iPhone app.  At this rate, I may never pull out my Garmin T450 for Wherigos again.

I'm not sure if this functionality works for the Android, but, TaGeez was super-geeked with the last Android update that his WhereYouGo app allows him to directly download cartridges to his phone (versus having to save them to a folder first).

I think it may be time to start planning my next Wherigo cache.  

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  1. hooray - thank you for your informative article. I'm just now trying to figure out the wherigo on my iphone and everywhere I've consulted said it cant be done. I did figure out how to get the cartridges downloaded to my phone. I can do the "Do Anywhere" cartridges but when I took it out for a local wherigo -- it wouldn't work. I'm just happy to know that you are doing wherigos on your iphone ... I will get it figured out. Thanks again for your post. It was very well written.


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